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10 Questions With Eve Gracie

May 1, 2013

Check out the new Skype interview with Eve

Eve recently did an interview the through the website,, where she was asked 10 questions and they even managed to squeeze in an extra question.

1. What kind of kid was 10-15 year old Eve and what were your hopes and aspirations?
2. What led you to become a WWE Diva and was it hard to leave the business?
3. How did your path lead you to Gracie Jiu-Jitsu?
4. What is it about the Women Empowered program that you find most unique?
5. How do you teach your students to manage the fear associated with physical assaults?
6. What are some of the influences Rener has had on you and vice-versa?
7. Do you have your own version of the Renergy sandwich?
8. What has been the biggest obstacle for you in learning self-defense?
9. How do you address the "pre-fight" scenarios associated with sexual assault?
10. What is the one thing above all else you hope women get from the course?

And pay attention because somewhere around the 17-minute mark, Rener makes a quick cameo appearance to defend his sandwich skills! Click here to watch.

New Interview: 10 Questions with Eve Gracie