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Gracie News

Drug Defense

January 28, 2010

Along with the GRACIE BULLYPROOF collection,
you will receive the Gracie KidSAFE DVD as a free bonus. Originally,
this DVD was only going to cover how to avoid child abduction: at
school, on the streets, on the internet and at home. But after we
showed preview copies of disc 11 to close friends and family members,
they urged us to consider adding a discussion on saying no to drugs.
Although we instantly loved the idea, at first we weren't sure how we
were going to justify including the discussion in a child abduction
prevention course. Then, it dawned on us that it made perfect sense to
include it since drugs are the ultimate kidnapper! In this candid talk
titled "Drug Defense" Ryron and Rener discuss the reasons why the
Gracie Family has remained drug-free for three generations, and then
they go on to share the specific strategies they used, as kids, to
avoid falling prey to the ultimate kidnapper. To view an excerpt from
the Gracie KidSAFE Drug Defense discussion, click on the link below.

New Video: Gracie KidSAFE - Drug Defense

New Release Date: February 15, 2010
we decided to reshoot disc 4 to include the Verbal Jiu-Jitsu
strategies, and to add the Drug Defense component to the Gracie KidSAFE
DVD, we were very concerned that this would force us to postpone the
release date for another 45-60 days, but we have just received notice
from the DVD manufacturer this last minute change will only push the
release date back one to two weeks. So, just to be safe we've set the
official release date for February 15, 2010. If we get them any sooner,
we will certainly get the pre-orders out right away. We apologize for
this delay, but we can assure you that the new additions to the program
will be well worth the wait.

Pre-order your GRACIE BULLYPROOF on or Before February 15, 2010 and we'll personalize it to your child - click here to order.

If your child has been a victim of bullying you may qualify to receive
the program for free through a Gracie BULLYPROOF sponsorship, click here for more information.