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Choke Him Like You Care!

October 10, 2012

A VERY Thorough Review of Rener's Back Mount Mastery Seminar

Jake Burroughs is an avid jiu-jitsu practitioner who runs a school in Seattle, WA. In September, Jake had a chance to attend Rener's Back Mount Mastery seminar in Bellevue, WA and here is the full review he posted on his popular BJJ blog, The Ground Never Misses.

Here we are a week after Rener Gracie blew into town offering several seminars, and I still have a smile from ear to ear! With an enthusiasm that is infectious, a permanent smile, and an uncanny attention to detail for someone so young (28), Rener presented two of the best hours I have experienced training, ever.

First Impression: I arrived at Interlake HS in Bellevue, WA quite a bit early due to the lack of perceived traffic. A huge high school, where host Craig Hanuami got us access to the school's gym and mats. I met Rener as we strolled into the gym, and quickly he took lead in getting the mats set up by directing traffic and laying down tape. This speaks volumes to the humble nature and attitude that has been instilled from Rorion and Helio, Rener's father and more.