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16 GJJ Street Chokes with Ryron and Rener Gracie

April 23, 2012

Coolest Gracie video of all time?

Last week we released a short teaser of the "16 GJJ Street Chokes" video in which Ryron and Rener teach you how to use any type of street apparel to choke your opponent should you find yourself in a self-defense situation on the streets. If you haven't seen the "16 GJJ Street Chokes" video you have to check it out, and if you have seen the teaser, you need to get the new Submission Series t-shirt so we can send you a secret link to the full 21-minute street chokes instructional video that everyone is raving about. Quite frankly, this is probably one of the coolest videos Ryron and Rener have ever produced, so even if you don't like the shirt, you should order it anyways just so you can watch this amazing video.

Here is a testimonial from a student who recently purchased the SS2/10 t-shirt and got access to the full-length street chokes instructional video:

"Guys...just finished watching the video on chokes....absolutely awesome! I never would have thought of those set-ups! My favorite was the street choke from guard which uses the t-shirt...can't wait to practice!"

-Vinni Faccinto.

New Video: 16 GJJ Street Chokes