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Worst-Case Scenarios

While most combatives/defensive tactics courses are designed for use on semi-compliant subjects, the Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) program is designed to prepare military and law enforcement professionals for worst-case scenarios. All the techniques are designed to work for solo professionals against actively resistant and/or aggressive subjects.

Bonus Gracie Video: Surprise Attacks on Police Officers & Recommended Gracie Techniques

Here are some of the scenarios that are covered in detail during the 5-day GST Hands-on Instructor Certification Course:

  • The violent opponent is attempting to strangle or punch the professional from the full mount.
  • The professional achieves the mount and seeks to maintain control of the aggressive opponent.
  • The professional achieves the mount but the violent opponent rolls uncontrollably to their knees.
  • During a deadly force situation, the professional’s firearm malfunctions.
  • The non-compliant opponent tries to strangle the professional from the bottom of the mount.
  • During a routine conversation, the opponent unexpectedly attacks the professional with punches leaving no time for the firearm to be drawn safely.
  • The uncooperative opponent tries to avoid arrest at all cost by staying on his/her feet.
  • The professional is underneath an extremely aggressive opponent who is determined to achieve victory by knockout.
  • The heavier opponent achieves the top position and uses their weight to crush the smaller professional.
  • The professional is operating solo and needs to apply the handcuffs on the resisting opponent.
  • The opponent is pinned by the professional but is determined to get up and fight back.
  • The opponent has had some MMA/grappling experience and uses the guard position to immobilize the professional.
  • The opponent is able to mount the professional but the primary mount escape technique fails.
  • In a deadly force situation, the professional is trapped underneath the violent opponent and is unable to safely draw his/her firearm.
  • The violent opponent is able to get past the professional’s guard to a more advantageous position.
  • The professional is under the aggressive opponent in a crowded area and needs to safely draw his/her firearm.
  • During a routine conversation, the opponent suddenly rushes towards the professional in an attempt to gain control of the firearm.
  • The larger opponent catches the smaller professional in a violent headlock.
  • The opponent resists arrest by turning face down and hiding his hands under his body.
  • While grappling, the opponent attempts to get control of the professional’s firearm.
  • The professional is underneath the violent opponent and must stand up immediately.
  • Customized Techniques: As time allows, we perform hands-on demonstrations and develop customized techniques that address additional "what if scenarios."


For more information on GST, including program options, upcoming course dates, pricing, and hosting a the benefits of hosting a GST course at your department/base, simply click on the additional links found on the upper left-hand side of this webpage.


For National Security reasons, additional information requires our personal attention. Please contact the GST Director by sending an email to: or calling (817) 692-8303.