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Interview with Rener Gracie


Gary Berger, 4/29/2011

Rener is a very personable guy. His Brazilian jiu jitsu is awesome. Combined with his skills and personality, I think he will revolutionize the world of martial arts. Gracie combative & Bully Proof have changed my life.

shawn wolf, 4/4/2011

hi austin davis, your best bet would be either gracie bullyproof or gracie combatitives. i am 14 and train with gracie combatitives. botth are only 120$, as opposed to 2000$ for one year at a gracie academy.

ahmed, 3/1/2011

if i would like to be a representative of gracie jj in pakistan, what will be importantto do for me.

robert, 2/16/2011

its all for money. who evaluates these videos...not rener

Cory, 2/8/2011

Well done once again. Glad these guys are around. Our group would not have a chance without the Gracie Combatives Sets and we are so proud to train and represent Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Jason, 2/7/2011

Right on the Dot. The truth was spoken.


Right on the dot. The truth was spoken.

Andrew, 2/7/2011

These guys are geniuses!

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