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Ralek Gracie vs. Kazushi Sakuraba (Gracie Breakdow


273 days ago

Hola cuanto vale entrenar en linea , hay clases en español ? Gracias

Doug, 5/3/2017

Just started GJJ at age 49 about 5 months it! Age truly is just a number, as your techniques allow me to roll with guys half my age! I am also rolling 20 minutes a day and increasing in stamina! Love GJJ and your mission! Keep up the great work! Thank you Royler for training my instructor who now trains me! He is awesome!!!

Roland, 3/23/2016

My wife signed ourselves and our 2 children up for classes in Dover, DE. about 3 weeks ago. We all love it and are going to get the premium dvd package to use at home. Love the entire experience, the philosophy and the feeling of belonging to something great. THANK YOU!!

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elbry, 1/23/2016

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Janie, 9/18/2015

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Raul H., 5/29/2014

I love this !

Ken, 5/4/2014

Love your break-downs!!!

roland, 5/14/2012

nice vid

Manny O, 4/29/2012

Good stuff, keep it coming.

D.Dias, 1/1/2012

Hi guys You are the best jiu jitsu instructors I have seen. Keep sharing your knowledge with us. Thanks

renzo, 12/7/2011

buena tecnica

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