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Gracie Bullyproof Program

Video 14 of 22

Caught on Tape


polo outlet, 10/5/2014

Shawn, 9/21/2011

Trust me, this video is totally realistic. My son has dealt with all of the bullies in our neighborhood. Fortunately the DVD on Verbal Jiujitsu led him to settling most of the situations peacefully, but when necessary, he has handled it physically with equal effectiveness. The program offered by the Gracies is life changing for you, your child, and any bullies who choose to target your child.

rick, 9/13/2010

tittle is very misleading.

Merrick, 9/9/2010

Awesome. Get the bully. YEAH!!!

Malcolm, 9/9/2010

It was a cool video. It happened to me before but I won the battle with an arm bar.

brian, 9/7/2010

Nice video, but the link to this, saying it was "BullyProof - Caught on tape" implies a non-scripted, impromptu incident. Which this video clearly is not.


this video is unrealistic.

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