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Gracie Bullyproof Program

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Drug Defense


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Rob, 8/1/2011

I quit smoking cigarettes and weed a few months ago and regret ever even starting. this is great advice your giving and wish i could have heard it alot sooner

daniel manriques, 12/21/2010

Great Guidance for all ages...Dan

Gelacio, 7/30/2010

Thank you guys, now I can start taking care of my health more.

Richard F, 6/7/2010

I had the opportunity to meet you with my kids when you were located on Carson Street and have to say that your grandparents and parents taught you all well. Aside from Gracie Jiu-Jitsu you guys have been raised well. I plan to join soon and this video closes the deal. Keep up the great videos and the great attitude, personality, and family sells itself.

Valente Brothers, 2/10/2010

Congratulation guys! Thanks to what our father learned from Grandmaster Hélio Gracie and we eventually learned from our father and Grnadmaster Hélio Gracie as well, my brothers and I never had coke, chocolate or any drugs!!!

bob, 2/3/2010

Great idea! But kinda ironic since Royce was caught using performance enhancing drugs in MMA.

bulletgirl, 2/1/2010

AWESOME!!!! I have felt this way my whole life. I have not touched drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, mainly because I want to please God, my Heavenly Father, but also because I have seen what they do to people. You guys have made an awesome video here.

Gilbert Pelletier, 2/1/2010

good stuff. I bought the package for my three kids in nov 09 should i get it soon? Thanks Gilbert

leon hicks jr, 1/29/2010

I think this video on drugs needs to go in every school system for teachers to show students because when kids you guys there like wow and they lesson allso i think you guys need a saturday gracie bullyproff carton are antimae for all kids to here the things you teach about helping others and being respectful.

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