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Gracie Museum Tour

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Gracie Museum Tour


BjjThePainfulWay, 321 days ago

Can you share the former location of now sold "Gracie Compound" in Teresópolis? I wonder if its still standing

Ariel castellanos, 2/22/2012

El museo no solo representa la historia y la importancia del brazilian jiu-jitsu, tambien expresa el amor que siente cada uno de sus integrantes.

Sergio Picón, 5/26/2011

Los Gracie son la familia más grande de atletas del mundo, y la más exitosa. Pero lo más importante, es que gracias a su deseo de mejorar el arte y de transmitir sus enseñanzas, le han cambiado la vida a cientos de miles de personas en todo el mundo!!! Gracias Gracies

mauricio de barros fernandes, 8/25/2009

I am mauricio fernandes i start doing jiu jitsu end 1992at city of niteroi rio de janeiro thats the strongs famely ever, the only thing i have to say is keep on going greces,thts the most beutyful art ever evibare shod doit

michael richmond, 8/9/2009

I live in kentucky and we do not have any martial arts school withen a 100 miles of our home i have 3 kids Ashely Haeli and Paris and a set of grand kids 2 twin girls on the way I have ordered the gracie combatives and we all cant wait to get started working on it the whole family is going to do it together we live in a in a city where drugs have gotten bad I really feel that your system will help us all deal with anything that may ever happen we would never look for any kind of trouble but with the gracie combatives we will be prepared thank you the gracie family God Bless to you all.

David Rivera, 7/21/2009

Man I love Brazil and Jiu jitsu!!!

Travis Carson, 4/7/2009

I am very interested in this video but it keeps pausing on my computer, I was wondering if that was on my end or on yours? Another thing is if Gracies were ever planning on opening a academy in Oregon or have ever considered it. I myself would be very interested in the Academy because there is nowhere around where i live to learn any Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Or maybe hold a seminar in my home town to see what you think. I believe that it would be a succsess just because of your name. If you could give me any information on how this is possible I would greatly appriciate it. my E-mail address is Thankyou very much, you have opened my eyes to your art. Sincerly, TravisCarson

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