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Parent Preparation Clip 2- The Most Common Mistak


wxm, 3/22/2016

Chris Greeley, 10/10/2010

That was awesome!

patrick conaway, 10/8/2010

This is a beautiful method, leaving only the desired behavior in memory. Rather than imparting a sense of confusion since with usual corrections since you only remember that you were wrong but you remember both the correction and ALL of the mistakes.

Jim Koy, 1/10/2010

The perfect use of REASON! The Gracies are all-around great people...

Troy Holton, 1/8/2010

Ryron and Rener you impart to me the necessary tools to make me a better Student, Teacher and Parent. Thanks.

Keith WATERMAN, 12/27/2009

The Gracie way never ceases to amaze me. Your family as a whole is definately one of the most beautiful on this planet. Thank you for the inspiration, and this short video which has turned on the light for me as a parent in a word WOW

Rick Quindipan, Hamilton, ON, 12/27/2009

Lending them their confidence until they find their own...Perfect.

perfect, 12/26/2009

perfect aproch

Curtis Yergensen, TFBJJ, 12/26/2009

This may very well be the best video ever on learning to teach correctly and effectively. Not only for jiu-jitsu but also for many other life lessons. Thank you so much!

Blair Shoemaker, 12/25/2009

All i can say is wow. awesome message for old an young alike. Who are you people! Whish more of man kind thought this way. God Bless

neal tabachnick, 12/24/2009

teaching, and teaching well, a lot more than imparting jiu jitsu to my kids.

paul joyner, 12/24/2009

great tips, thanks

Mike Saffaie, 12/24/2009

All I have to say is "PEEEERFECT" This philosophy of this video also works on adults in jiu-jitsu

John Dill, 12/24/2009

Trust Time! Very good video.

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