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First Ever Surprise Gracie Garage Seminar


Drew Brandel, 3/31/2010

WOW! Thats really cool. Rener Rocks!

Geoff, Queensland Australia, 3/31/2010

Good stuff, you guys rock!

Gerald, 3/31/2010

Good to see all the help they are willing to give, wish they would come to Perth Australia maybe one day

Darren, 3/31/2010

Great vid. i love it.

Will D, 3/31/2010

That is awesome...nice stealth techniques!

matthew, Sydney Australia, 3/31/2010

inspiring, thanks for sharing.

J Smooth, 3/31/2010

Such a great family, thats why my daughter is named Gracie.

Mike, Perth Australia, 3/31/2010

Man thats just so cool.

Wendy Arevalo-Kaylor, 3/30/2010

Super sweet! Arizona is representing!

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