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Rener vs 21 (Part 1)


wxm, 3/22/2016

Matt, 3/24/2010

Was this before or after the class?

Jason Davenport, 3/23/2010

anyone who has rolled will realise that this Rener is displaying awesome, confidence, stamina and of course teachnique. And everyone is smilling to boot! fun to watch.

White Belt NC, 3/6/2010

Triangle Monster! He is CONSTANTLY attacking, I cant wait till I have a jiu jitsu game at that pace


Rener, this is awesome! Can you talk about this experience in the next philosophy class? I am really interested on how tired you were after rolling and your mind set on efficiently conserving your energy?

Jenaro, 3/3/2010

Thanks for sharing. Inspiring!


i havent seen that many triangles since my mum use to cut my sandwiches in to them great job rener


wow, incredible

jason, 3/1/2010

awesome stamina, not to mention the techniques.

Agent53, 2/28/2010

Very inspiring. How simple physics and movement can subdue your oponent. No matter the size of your opponent. If theses guys were in a life or death situation I am sure Rener would let them suffer a bit more than just triangles. Great job again! God bless


what if while he was on the ground with one of them another came to help his buddy? GJJ is totally awesome, however, Jujitsu from the beginning in japan was never intended to be a stand alone art, but a supplement to other arts! He done something I cant do, awesome cardio!

tom, 2/28/2010

Rener, Amazing display of cardio,technique,skill and patience. My training partner and I have been training in Gracie Combatives for abouts 6 months. Its great to see all the techniques we are learning tapping out the swat team. Awesome

Sakke, 2/28/2010

That needs an excellent cardio.. and i know that rener haves it.. all that gracie diet and training... very nice job!

Jan Kraayvanger, 2/28/2010

very good. WWW.KORYUKAN.EU Netherlands

gustavo kimura, 2/27/2010

guys that was very owesom i like it very much and ejoy it and lought as well thanks cinserely from KIMURA MMA ACADEMY

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