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Gracie Combatives Works for a Five Year Old Child


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wxm, 3/23/2016

Wendy K, 9/15/2009

Nice Job Kiddo!!

mickrick, 9/13/2009

This shows the mental conditioning and physical conditioning of Gracie BJJ, well done fella!


GJJ pwns...a five year old vs a second grader! cool! god bless the gracies

moe, 9/12/2009

i love these things that you are doing

wayne, 9/12/2009

this story reminds me of the one where a ten ( or 12? ) year old boy used a rear naked choke on a pitbull when it attecked his little sister. GJJ truly is the best seld defense system on the planet, for everbody!

Tony mason, south wales, uk, 9/12/2009

Ifind it easy to belive that about your son, as he instruction is brilliant I myself have been in martial arts since 1980 and teach kyokushin. But since following the gracie combatives myself think anyone can learn this im loving it even at 50, good on your sons keep it up ! regards Tony

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