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Renergy Breakfast Sandwich


patrick, 6/21/2013

looks good :P. I think Rener is awesome :D.

Daniel Campos, 5/16/2011

I love it.. I tried it yesterday and with no doubt it will become part of my diet !! Awesome Rener keep it up !

Jonathan, 1/15/2011

An excellent idea for a sandwich, I love it. Although my baking of kale in the oven did not go as planned, everything seem to stick and did not taste that great. Yes in Tn is difficult to find and Whole Foods does not carry kale chips at the time. Please continue to share other great food ideas!

ravi, 12/15/2010

you can buy kale chips on online vegan stores (, etc.)


a vegan sandwich that provides energy? another argument disproving you need animal flesh for strength!

Cynthia Rojas, 10/23/2010

I live in TN so Kale munchies are hard to find. I agree making your own kale munchies so easy and cost effective.... huge bunch of kale is like $2 and then add just a little granulated garlic and or a salt subsitute bake for 8-10 minutes on 450 degrees on a no stick sheet pan or on parchment paper and you have about 4 boxes for around $2.

Sarah Toki, 10/12/2010

On a mission to find my kale chips...thanks

Paul, 10/9/2010

Great sandwich Rener. I had been looking for an easy way to put avacado into my diet and this sandwich does the trick. Energy wise I do feel that this is good. After eating it I felt full, and light and full of the "Renergy". If you have any more great sandwich recipies please let us know. Yum. Thanks again.

Malcolm, 10/9/2010

The Renergy sandwich was good And it was fun to make. It was the best sandwich ever!

Bruno, 10/9/2010

rener man, you are hysterical. even when you teach making sandwiches you break down the technique step by step. i loved the taking out the avocado seed technique!

stephanie, 10/8/2010

looks delish, but $10/box for kale? buy your own, pop it in the oven for 7-10mins on 375 and save about $8!

Fightworks Podcast, 10/7/2010

Just make it and have faith in Rener Gracie! HAHAHAHA! Good stuff!


So what other foods do you eat in your diet?

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