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Gracie Diet

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The Roliday Rappiness Smoothie


wxm, 3/22/2016

francisco, 1/21/2012

hola soy de pto montt chile gracie e s lo maximo

Celso Castro Neto, 12/24/2011

Gostaria de conher tudo sobre a dieta Grace

Danillo, 10/10/2011

Olá, gostaria de conhecer a dieta gracie completa, com dicas de alimentação e cardápios. Desde já agradeço a atenção

Gil Nunes, 9/25/2011

Morei mas de 20 anos em Teresópolis, RJ, mas estou a 4 anos em Palmas. Sou apaixonado por Jiu-Jitsu mas infelizmente aqui ainda não encontrei uma academia que me agradace. Gostaria de todas as informações que pudessem me dar. Dieta, aulas, tudo o que puder. Desde já agradeço. Obrigado.

Kai, 9/16/2011

This is an awesome diet its helping to heal my mind, body, and soul

Barbara, 8/25/2011

You did a terriffic presentation! The energy you emoted was in itself healing. Thank you.


winter wonder


Hilarious! We need Rener in his own reality show. Let me kn ow if you need a producer.

Mike, Perth Australia, 12/22/2010

All the best to you and your family for Christmas and the new year... My favorite smoothie (not sure if its within the Gracie Diet guidelines) is 2 bananas frozen,a punnet of strawberries , 1/2 rockmelon(cantaloupe?), 2 oranges, 2 heaped tblspn dry Acai,a good dollop of fat free potset organic yoghurt then top up the blender with coconut water. Blend till as you say silk. Please let me know if it needs adjusting.

Alex Majette, 12/21/2010

Great video! I will give this new one a try. You gotta try out being a motivational speaker! I think you would rock the world...real talk.

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