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Corn Soup


wxm, 100 days ago

polo outlet, 10/5/2014

George, 1/23/2010

We ate a type of corn soup in Japanese youth hostels. They left the kernels in. It was really good.

Jenaro, 1/19/2010

Looks Tasty and clean! I like how you work in the kitchen. Thanks Prof. Hey your wearing my T-shirt!

Theo, 1/13/2010

Check out the culinary skills of GrandMaster,Rorion!!!

franck, 12/19/2009

I am going to try that, for sure.

anita blouin, 11/11/2009

yum yum

Ogarcia, 11/10/2009

Corn soup sounds good!

Bernardo, 11/5/2009

Nice work Rorion, but please be more ecological, turn off the tap while you explain the champion juicer - which is really amazing (which I had one in Brazil)... the planet and our fruits will appreciate our efforts for water savings. thanks!! Bernardo.

tim, 11/2/2009

send me everything

Jim Derby, 10/12/2009

Nice work Rorion, youd make a good chef! :-)

Matt Strack, 10/7/2009

Grandmaster, this is amazing. I have been doing the diet since January of 2009. I love it.

MARK INGEMI, 10/3/2009

Hello Rorion This is Mark I. How are you doing? Me I am just fine. Ive just viewed the video clip on the Corn Soup. Sounds great , but I dont have a corn crusher like you do. I can buy one , or do you have it in the Gracie Merchandise. Hope all is well , & looking forward to be meeting and training with you in the future. Take care. Sincerely, Mark Ingemi

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