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Flying Triangle


Brad, 8/9/2010

I. Cant believe joe rog58485an didnt reconize the armbar and they just called it a triangle finish.

Cezar Neto, 8/9/2010

A familia Gracie se destaca nesta brilhante arte marcial! Parabéns pelo belo trabalho.

Caught in This One, 8/8/2010

I was sparing with a guy a whole lot smaller than myself one night and he caught me in it... I will be the first to admit, it works and will neutralize an opponent FAR larger than yourself in a very short time if used right. ;) The guy that used it on me was around 80 pounds lighter than me.

James, 8/8/2010


Gonzalo, 8/8/2010

Gracie Jiu Jitsu is the real deal! I had the privilidge of training with you two some time ago before deploying to the middle east with the US Army. I even had the opportunity to meet the MASTER, Helio(he opened the back door for me one day)!

Micah, 8/8/2010

What an amazing fight and thanks for the breakdown. I have never seen that triangle defense method before. Will definitely use that next time I get caught in class. Thx brothas!

Okie Boy, 8/8/2010

I have so much love and respect for the Gracie family and their Jiu Jitsu. It is the best self defense in my opinion for self defense in a street fight today. All of the arts are awesome, and I have srudies several for maby years, 35 plus, and no matter how good you are, someone always knows more. But you get taken to the ground by a Gracie Jiu Jitsu practitioner, it is over before you hit the ground. I hold black belts in 2 different martial arts, and a Gracie Jiu Jitsu black took me out very quickly after we hit the ground ( mat). Gracie Jiu Jitsu is the best, cause i learned from experience ( friendly Competition) just how sleek and effective it is.

Andres, 6/18/2010

I love this and the master is right, I think the other half is when you practice with your mates, for example I practice Kung fu and thats make really great try to put a technique in a different martial art.

Bill Cassell, 6/7/2010

Ralek, Great fight, you dominated the ring and made a very tough opponenet look like a first time fighter.

lapiz jessie, 5/9/2010

great video i need to practice every day in the gym to avoid injury thanks rener from jessie lapiz philipines

Josh, 4/30/2010

Rener, are you a man of your word? I dont have anyone to bear my weight. Whats up? Keep it real.

Dayne, 2/27/2010

Great video! I need to keep practicing that move. I just started drinking that brand of coconut water. My friend told me about its benefits. I was blown away when you introduced it in the video.

junior, 2/10/2010

i got to try this. its sick!

april sahagun, 1/25/2010

flying arm bar to arm bar; great, great. thanks for explaining why i shouldnt be afraid of getting slammed while doing the flying arm bar. :) more power to gracie jiu jitsu!

The Big Lion, 12/17/2009

Thanks for the advices. An extraordinary man with great potential. A great respect and rest in peace.

Ape, 12/14/2009

Hahahaha, Slick move, but dude, dont be that passionat about some damn juice man haha, too much selly selly :) But hell yeah, keep up the great tech of the months, i love em! /greetings from sweden

Gani Trisna, 12/11/2009

Is the age limit to become a learning jujitsu? My white belt while holding my 34 years of age ...

Lester Galam, 12/8/2009

hahaha man you guys crack me up! great technique this month, keep up the great work and happy holidays!

MARK INGEMI, 12/5/2009

Hello Haner This is Mark I. How are you doing? Me I am alive and well. I just viewed the Flying Triangle. I loved it. And at the end of the clip you showed coconut water. That sounds really good to try out and very healthy as well. Can you give me the website address for where it is sold at? Thank you , & I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care. Keep in touch. Sincerely, Mark I.

Jamie, 12/4/2009

Great move and well demonstrated. Thanks for tip for hydration of coconut water from ONE. I even bought some of there other product line great after a good workout.

sankyu1592, 12/3/2009

flying triangle is siiick! keep up the good work guys!

md, 12/3/2009

cool move, really make jj easy to understand, you guys are the best

steve bogle, 12/3/2009

awsome moves you guys are great keep it up


Awsome technique. Please keep this teaching up. i enjoy it very much, and learning.

Ben Malmberg, 12/3/2009

I like that setup. Thanks for the videos.

David Litts, 12/2/2009

Ove this technique, and thanks for all you do, great stuff.

Matt, 12/2/2009

Why in the world would you disrespect , 1. The Gracie Family ( the founders of BJJ )2. What does your comment have to do with this video ? Proud member of Machado Jiu Jitsu taught @ Colorado School of BJJ in H.R. !

Danielsweden, 12/2/2009

very cool move!! GJJ is the best...


Gracie Jiu Jitsu is old school..American Jiu Jitsu is runnin the show now baby!!

Abraham King, 12/2/2009

God bless Gracie Jui-jitsu. Its a way of life. If no one is doing Brazilian jui-jitsu, you have to feel sorry for them. an excellent video, and this illustrates why this is a fast growing martial art. This art is extremely enriching, if you know what i mean. the technique shown was simple and any average joe can do it, its all a matter of practice. many thanks.

Jose "OnFire" Aguirre, 12/2/2009

I was at my health food restaurant "Fuel" and saw the O.N.E. coconut water. I said to my wife "Hun, look at this. Much easier than trying to crack a coconut." Awesome!!!

mad joe, 12/2/2009

just awesome... going to go mess with that right now... and im going to have to get myself some one coconut ... nice guys..

Christopher Landgraf, 12/2/2009

Hey, thanks for the videos very cool technique you guys are awesome.

ashr, 12/2/2009

Rockin. m/

Ironfeather, 12/2/2009

Thanks for turning me on to the coconut juice. It should be great for cooking Thai food too!

Hank Lin, 12/2/2009

Right on my birthday I get this technique!! OMG too awesome!!!

John Labandera, 12/2/2009

You are a master instructor and and expert at "INFO-TAINMENT!" Thank you for the dedication at sharing the knowledge. I train with the Valente Brothers in Miami and more specifically under one of their black belts Bruce Belfield in Fort Lauderdale. Again, thank you and Merry Christmas! Que Dios les bendiga su familia!

marcusstein, 12/2/2009

What a wonderful Christmas gift! Thank you guys for making Gracie Jiu-Jitsu so much fun!

patagoniabjj, 12/2/2009

if i was so much heavy to jump

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