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Maintaining the Open Guard (pt 1)



You have an error in here, two parts 2 of the technique. The rest is excellent, including your all website, congratulations Gracies

armand domagoj, 6/23/2009

what i want to ask You is. I it possible to train Avci Wing Tsun in combination with the Gracie Techn. usualy it is forbidden for a WT Guy to train with another Organisation ( i dont´t know why) but it is possible to combine it with other techn. like the Gracie Jiu Jiutsu. So my quest is , is it o.k. to do both. Or do i have to choose between both . I would like to go on withmy WT and ad the techn. of the Gracie Jiu Jiutsu. Thank you and have a good time, greets from Cologne Germany

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