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Gracie University Student Gets Challenged

October 24, 2010

This testimonial was submitted by Jamie Harding, the first Gracie University student to score a 100 on the blue belt test.

"Interesting thing happened today. A guy who does Kokyushin Karate wanted to test himself against GJJ. He came to my Garage today. He is 56lbs heavier than me, high ranking in karate and has some MMA knowledge. Despite it not being one of my goals to fight this opponent at this stage in my GJJ journey I accepted the challenge. To cut a 4 min story short - I kept it real - submission by triangle. I took a couple of rib punches (level 5 or so) from mount position, but all good. The funny thing is - the only response he had after the match was "I realize I really need to make sure my punches are stronger." Some people just don't see the picture lol. Wish I had it on video but it was impromptu. But just to say - If anyone is doubting that learning from home and videos doesn't work, I'm here to say, trust me it does. My faith is stronger than ever.

Thanks, Jamie"