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Bullyproof Mom Saves the Day

October 21, 2010

This letter was sent in by John Nguyen, a Certified Instructor at the Certified Training Center in Williamsburg, VA. We're sure you are going to shake your head in amazement to this one just as we did when we first found out about it.

"My sister, Elizabeth, signed her son (my nephew) up for Gracie Bullyproof classes a few months ago at the dojo. She brings him to class and stays to watch every class, twice a week. She is currently a school teacher who teaches special needs kids in an elementary school so she is always very interested in the Bullyproof classes and especially the Gracie Teaching Methodology. Anyways, yesterday she was going into a grocery store with her kids and noticed a man really battering his kid (for splashing in a puddle as he walked by it), she said he was really unleashing on this kid.

So, concerned for this safety, she approached and calmly asked the man to stop beating on his kid like that, to which he replied "mind your own business lady, I can beat on whoever I want, including YOU, so get out of my face." Realizing that this was clearly over the top child abuse, Elizabeth said "I dont think so sir" and pulled the child away from him and placed him behind her. Well, of course this really set the man off and he proceeded to grab her strongly by the wrist. Now, this is the amazing part: Elizabeth's survival instinct kicked in and she resisted in base, executed a single wrist grab escape, tackled the giant, and knee'd the man in the groin after the takedown! At that point another man finally jumped in and helped restrain the attacker until the police arrived. Social services also showed up later and it turns out the man had the child for weekend visitation and the child's mother went ballistic when she arrived on the scene (she probably would have tackled him herself had the police not been there).

Elizabeth is all of about 4-11 on a GOOD day, maybe 85 pounds. She trained with my brother Mike and I in Karate when she was younger, but it has been a good 25 years at least since she last put a gi on. She has NEVER practiced any of the Gracie Bullyproof techniques herself, she has only watched class while her son was training. Of course we dont suggest that everyone does something like that, but the fact that she was able to exhibit what we in the Japanese martial arts call "Mushin" or "empty mind", a state in which a person executes techniques purely by instinct and reflex without having to think about it, without ever actually having performed the techniques before, is truly amazing and a real testament to the Gracie Teaching Methodolgy. Of course, she was a bit shaken and scared after she had time to relive the incident after the fact, but we here are still very proud of her for stepping up and helping to save an abused child when many grown men simply walked by and acted like it wasnt happening. We are even more proud of the fact that the things that we are teaching here enabled her to safely take down and defeat a much larger, stronger attacker with ease.

Thanks John"