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ビデオ 16 の 22 Guided Tour (Part 2/2)


yll, 54 days ago

Just like a flowering tree to result from childhood to fruitful trees towering trees, the number of wind and rain through the middle, how much sun and cold. To grow up to bear sweet fruit. This is a pure love keeping everything did not like the rain fall in and disappear, but buried up. Sometimes I think that we in the patch of green woods, then we have together planted saplings, some in the old classroom with two chairs, one after the other, as well as in the playground football field we .. .... A pure love, and there is not much of vows, is really nothing exciting to ingratiate themselves, such as green fruit, though not sweet, but tastes very sour, but cool and fresh.In that needs to travel to reach the distance, so many years, you still as fresh, aloof, like a colorful multicolored butterflies in the distance search TV drama a beautiful lotus flower.Her early morning, a few slices of dead leaves from the trees quietly slipped, fell to the ground from between my eye, want there to be said a thousand words, but always neglected to present myself, sometimes rock-solid heart, suffered wind and rain playing three hundred years, you often willing to turn into walking stone bridge, is the continuation of a dream, sometimes weak like a thin crescent exposed, no longer stand the gentle touch. When the sun rises, the freeze-frame moment passionate, beautiful lie eventually became irreplaceable dream, who again repeated rolling, and again after the pain, again and again strong, weak broken heart devastated even themselves can not imagine, because convinced by dead trees and drunk, do tell Acacia as before, so that the fragrance of osmanthus, a long time will not be dispersed. Love is always a protagonist may not finish the play, although once the promise, such as shadow-like in the middle of the infinite mind, turned themselves into golden autumn crops, harvesting wait for years, only wish, you can autumn, leaving a place for me in the corner.

wxm, 67 days ago

Oriflame, 321 days ago

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