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Rener Gracie on How to Tie the Belt



Excellent final reason/ending!!!

Robert, 2/11/2011

merci Rener je ne connaissais pas cette méthode ... on vas pouvoir garder notre ceinture même après une bonne cession au sol avec mon fiston...thanks

Part Time Student, 2/8/2011

Remember to stand on your tippy toes while taking pictures.

Shon, 2/7/2011

Im new to this accademy and im already noticing improvements in my techniques

Ben, 2/7/2011

Thanks for the multiple variations it really helped me out especially the super knot. I was getting real tired of my belt coming loose when I roll. But seriously, the blue belt really worked for this demonstration. Thanks again!

luiz, 2/7/2011

meus meninos adoraram valeu , bacana muito legal

jrmoreno, 2/7/2011

Very nice video, Rener. Thank you

frank, 2/7/2011

the unidentified knot is called a granny knot. enjoy.

big tim, 2/7/2011

blue was a good idea very easy to see. i think ill do the long version every time from now on so i can stall and get my gas back. hahahahaha. ive always used the fist version.

paddy, 2/7/2011

Three days ago, Gabe Silva came to our school, and one of many amazing things about him was the way he tied his belt. I wanted to learn how he did this and then your video came in the email. Thanks!