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Niveau 1: Ceinture Bleue

A 1 Niveau Certified Training Center est autorisé à vous enseigner les cours complets Gracie CombativesTM et est capable de vous emmener du début à la ceinture bleue.

Niveau 2: Violet Ceinture

A 2 Niveau Certified Training Center est capable de vous enseigner les techniques du cycle Master nécessaire pour être promu à la ceinture pourpre.

Niveau 3: Brown Ceinture

Un niveau 3 Certified Training Center est capable de vous enseigner les techniques du cycle Master nécessaire pour être promu à la ceinture marron.

Niveau 4: Black Ceinture

A 4 Niveau Certified Training Center est capable de vous enseigner les techniques du cycle Master nécessaire pour être promu à la ceinture noire. C'est le plus haut niveau de certification.

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Duesseldorf, NRW

Gracie Combatives

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Reflex développement de classe

  • 09:00PM -
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Gracie Academy Certified Training Centers sont des propriétés indépendantes, exploitées individuellement.
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Gracie Combatives49.00

Bien que Gracie Jiu-Jitsu se compose de plus de 600 techniques, des études sur les luttes menées par des membres de la famille Gracie ont montré que 36 techniques ont été utilisées plus souvent et avec plus de succès, que tous les autres combinés. Initialement développé pour l'armée américaine, Gracie Combatives est le seul cours qui entièrement dédié à la maîtrise de ces 36 techniques essentielles. Après que les élèves sans-faute toutes les techniques Combatives Gracie individuellement, ils sont admissibles à participer aux cours hebdomadaires de développement Reflex étaient-ils apprendre à les exécuter dans diverses combinaisons. Une fois qu'un étudiant en maîtrise toutes les techniques dans toutes les combinaisons, ils se qualifient pour être testés pour la promotion à ceinture bleue.

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Reflex développement de classeIncluded

Une fois que vous remplissez chacune des 23 leçons Combatives Gracie deux fois, vous serez admissible à participer au cours sur le développement Reflex. Dans ces leçons, nous utilisons un processus de formation révolutionnaire appelée dynamique de développement Reflex ™ pour créer vos réflexes dans l'exécution des 36 techniques dans toutes les combinaisons possibles et à différents niveaux d'intensité.

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Les prix sont sujets à changement.

Ismail Geyik

Ismail Geyik

In 1993 I started my Martial Art career and concentrated on Taekwondo (3rd Degree Black Belt), Kickboxing (1st Degree Black Belt) and I also became an full Instructor for street combat. Over the years I competed in many different tournaments and my biggest success came in 2006 in Kiev, Ukraine when I became World Champion in kickboxing. I was also successful in several European and National Tournaments. The pinnacle of my Martial Art career came in 2012 when I was voted Black Belt of the year by the "Eastern USA International Martial Art Association" and I received my award in Pittsburgh, PA (USA) for my passion and contributions to the sport. In 2011, I hosted a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Seminar taught by Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Guido Jenniges, who was introduced to me by a mutual friend. I already knew my students & I lacked the knowledge of ground fighting, I immediately fell in Love with the "GENTLE ART". My desire to learn this Graceful Art and accelerate in my technique's lead me to the Instructor Certification Program, which I successfully completed in the Summer of 2012. If I could start all over again and turn back time, my 1st choice of a Martial Arts would have been Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu has become a big part of my life; my school and students are crazy about the amazing techniques put together by Rener and Ryron! The Brother's techniques that are so easy yet exciting to teach with their comprehensive curriculum. Our school already has 8 Blue Belts (non of them passed below 90%) and we have 7 more testing in September 2013. I am especially proud of our recent visually impaired seminar we taught in Duesseldorf and we have blind students enrolled in our Combative's classes. I am looking forward to teaching for many more decades to come and I am proud to be part of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Family.

Daniele Catalano

Daniele Catalano

I graduated from the Gracie’s Instructor Certification Program in the Summer of 2012. I will always remember my first trip to the Gracie Academy. When I walked in, I realized what an incredible energy I had been immersed in. It is not easy to describe, you have to feel it!! Everyone was respectful and friendly. Then I took my first lesson, understanding the methodology of teaching such a challenging martial art overwhelmed me. After the first lesson, I said to myself: "I will not only learn all the techniques; I will also understand how to teach them in the simple and efficient way taught to me, in order to share with my family, friends and anyone else who is interested. I want to be part of the family and share the passion, which i felt on my first contact with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu." I am honored to share the Gentle Art with my circle of family and friends here in Germany. The whole idea of the Gracie Lifestyle is transferable into my everyday life and helps me to feel more balanced, self conscious, focused and of course modest. With all of these attributes, they are applicable for a successful and healthy lifestyle!!