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The BEST Vid on

November 4, 2010

The following testimonial was submitted by GJJ black belt Pat "Hawk" Hardy in October 2010, in which he shares his thoughts on what he believes is the most valuable lesson in Gracie University.

"Hope this note finds it all good with you guys. I've said so many times how great the Combatives are that I'm not writing this to say it again. The moves in Stripe 1 are excellent, but I've said that also. The reason I felt I HAD to write this is, of all things, the free Gracie Philosophy lesson, Powerful Principles, is the best part of all I've seen to come out of Gracie University. The funny thing about this is the fact that I've had the Combatives and access to Gracie University since the beginning, but just got around to watching Powerful Principles. I, better than most, should have known the cost of something really is not always an expression of its value, but I have to admit I watched a lot of things on GU before I watched Powerful Principles. If I had reflected on the people that didn't come to my school when it started because I didn't charge anything, there idea being, if it's free its worthless, I'd have watched Powerful Principle first. However, I've watched it now and IMO the best video on Gracie University. I feel I've been a student of principle for awhile, but only because I had the privilege & honor to be exposed a lot to your Grand Dad, your Dad, Relson & Royce. It's a luxury that many will never have. Because of that fact, Powerful Principles, IMO, becomes that much more important. Another thing I saw, while watching Powerful Principles, was that I was the only one in the room. I'm on GU a lot at odd times and frankly that is the first time I've been watching something on GU by myself. That tells me ya'll haven't really pushed watching it and I think you should. Please understand that through this light criticism I'm not blaming ya'll for my not watching it until now, that is totally on me. What I am trying to say is whether a person is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, he/she can get a ton of knowledge out of Powerful Principles, and the sooner the better. Hope it's all going ya'lls way and hope to see ya'll soon!


To watch the video "Powerful Principles" click here.