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My Ears Hurt

September 1, 2010

We're getting tons of positive feedback from families that have adopted the Gracie Bullyproof program in their homes. Here are a few of the fun ones:

"I am working the crazy horse with my son. He loves it, my ears hurt (literally) of hearing his happiness and screaming when "practicing". Thanks!"
-Marco M.

"Rener, I just got the Gracie Combatives collection for myself and went to a Gracie Garage(Michael Forrest) for the first time. He is a great guy and represents the Gracie Family well.The reason I am sending this message is to tell you I took my son Levi with me to the GG training session. He is 5 and had just finished his 10th lesson in Gracie Games. After the class was over I asked him if he wanted to show the guys what he had learned in the Gracie Bullyproof program. Levi is usually shy in front of people he doesn't know. He said yes and showed them CRAZY HORSE,CRAZY LEGS,SPIDER KIDS,CROCODILE CONTROL and a few others. Most of the guys had never heard of the Bullyproof program and they were blown away how much he knew and how good he did for only having had 10 lessons. You guys do a great job Thanks!"
-Scotty D

"You guys are amazing. Not only are my son and I learning jiu-jitsu but you guys are helping me be a better parent too. Your teaching methods and abilities are incredible. Thank you."
-S. Watson