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Master Cycle Feedback/Concerns

January 27, 2010

In the last Gracie Insider, we announced
that the first Chapter of the Blue Belt Stripe 1 course is now
available for purchase exclusively to Gracie Garage leaders, and even
though it's only been a few weeks, we've received some incredible

On January 14, Craig Hanaumi from the Gracie Garage in Bellevue,
Washington posted the following feedback/concerns in the GU forum.
Below his post, you find our response.

"Not a question, just a comment.
Master Cycle, Chapter 1... AMAZING!! I understand why you guys didn't
initially consider offering the material on DVD because even the first
chapter alone is A LOT of information. Incredible instruction and
attention to detail as usual. The highlight for me was watching the
first Freestyle Flow you guys demonstrated. Seeing the techniques being
performed effectively even with more juice from the bad guy was
awesome. The only piece of advice I would give about the Master Cycle
curriculum is that when it becomes available to everyone, the rave
reviews and comments it generates will make newer students who may not
be super comfortable with all of the Gracie Combatives techniques VERY
tempted to skip over some of the 36, and to jump into the Master Cycle.
I admit that if I just started doing the Combatives course and the MC
course came out shortly afterward I would feel the exact same way. :)
This may lead to a less than solid foundation and/or technique
overload. Maybe there should be some sort of disclaimer that explains
the importance of making sure you're comfortable with the techniques in
the order that they are presented before moving on, because they are
definitely cumulative! We are definitely fired up over here and another
blue belt test will be coming from our Garage by the end of the month!
Thanks again for Gracie Combatives, GU, and the Master Cycle!"

Craig Hanaumi - Garage Leader

East Side Gracie Combatives Garage

Bellevue, Washington"

Gracie Academy Response:

You're welcome. We're sensitive to the fact that many will try to skip over the

Gracie Combatives

techniques or rush to the Master Cycle without establishing a good
foundation through Gracie Combatives. But, we don't really know how to
prevent it. So, rather than hold back the knowledge, we've decided to
make it available to all. However, we won't certify the student's
proficiency with GJJA belt rank until they pass the video evaluation
test and that must still be accomplished in a linear sequence.

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Gracie Garage leaders once you've had a chance to review the Chapter
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