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Gracie University Feedback

June 24, 2010

"My Son and I Have Developed the Strongest of Bonds"
"Hi Gracies, I stumbled across GU in a TKD magazine and thought I'd look into it. Both of my kids and I trained in TKD for three years and I can honestly say it really wasn't an enjoyable experience. After seeing the free lessons online and practicing them, I was hooked and so was my son! Because of your family my son and I have developed the strongest of bonds! I purchased the DVD combatives approximately 6 months ago and just recently opened up our own Gracie Garage. It has become a way of life. I am a school teacher at a Jr.High School in Nova Scotia,Canada and I introduced some of my students to GJJ. They love it! We practice at school twice/week and I have 3 students that are serious about training with my son and I at our Gracie Garage over the summer. This experience has been extremely gratifying for me as I watch my students absorb everything and anything about GJJ including your philosophy. Regardless of one's age, everyone should have goals and dreams. Mine would be to incorporate GJJ into our schools' curriculum and eventually become a certified instructor with my son and possibly my daughter. I apologize for rambling but I also wanted you to know that because of my students training at school, I have been asked to introduce GJJ at a seminar that includes approximately 9 High Schools across our region in Oct. I just can't believe the impact that your family as already made to a small province in Nova Scotia,Canada. I am so impressed with the energy and enthusiasm that you both possess when you teach. I thank you and my kids thank you and I hope there comes a day when my son and I can join you at GU to express our gratitude in person.

Kelly Saunders (Age:45)
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada"