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Gracie Family Sets Out To Bullyproof The World

June 25, 2010

More than 10,000 children "Bullyproofed" to date with the help of the Gracie BULLYPROOF at-home DVD series and Gracie self-defense schools worldwide

LOS ANGELES - Every day in the United States, an estimated 160,000 children miss school due to fear or intimidation of bullies. According to the U.S. Secret Service, the majority of school shootings have been linked to cases of excessive bullying. In fact, many believe that fear of bullying may be the leading cause of low self-confidence in children. It is for many of these reasons and more that the Gracie Family has made it part of their mission to put an end to the bullying epidemic by 'Bullyproofing The World.'

The Gracie Family tradition dates back to 1925 when Grand Master Helio Gracie created Gracie Jiu-Jitsu - to enable him to defend himself against larger opponents. Today, over 40 members of the Gracie Family are dedicated to the practice and dissemination of the techniques and philosophy of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, making it the largest family of athletes in the world.

Last year, brothers Rener and Ryron Gracie, sons of Rorion Gracie - the world's foremost expert in self-defense and creator of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), created the Gracie BULLYPROOF program because although school based anti-bullying initiatives may reduce the likelihood of physical harassment on campus, they cannot stop a persistent bully from tormenting a helpless victim.

"A confident child is a bullyproof child," explains Rener. "At the root of every victims lack of confidence is a fear for their personal safety. Gracie BULLYPROOF is the first and only step-by-step program any parent can follow to empower their child from the inside out, build unshakable confidence, and ensure a life free of a bullies torment."

The psychology and techniques of the Gracie BULLYPROOF program have been handed down over 3 generations and are now available in a fully comprehensive, instructional 10-disc DVD series. The program is designed to teach any parent, regardless of previous experience, how to teach their own child (ages 4-14) while accomplishing three basic objectives:

Boost Confidence: Gracie BULLYPROOF instills confidence by teaching techniques that will neutralize the attack of a larger opponent. Unlike other self-defense systems which are overly aggressive, these techniques are pu