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Gracie Combatives Student Gets Attacked

September 1, 2010

Jeremy is a police officer and has been doing the Gracie Combatives program at the Bushin Martial Arts Academy in Williamsburg, VA for about a year and a half now. He has had to use GJJ several times in the line of duty already (once disarming an assailant who had a pistol), and this is the most recent incident:

-Jeremy is on routine patrol in his squad car when he pulls up behind a vehicle that is driving erratically and looks suspicious.
-Jeremy turns on the police lights to pull the vehicle over and the subject immediately hits the gas and starts to run, the officer obviously goes in pursuit.
-Subject continues on a high speed getaway, eventually hitting a curb and blowing out 2 tires. However, he continues driving until he wrecks out in the woods.
-As Jeremy exits his vehicle and rushes up to the assailant to arrest and detain him, the bad guy sidesteps, grabs Jeremy, and litterally tosses him aside (I should mention here that Jeremy is 5'10", 185 lbs and the assailant is 6'4", 235lb, and ripped).
-Realizing that the situation is quickly getting out of hand, Jeremy draws his Taser and fires...nothing. He fires again...again the Taser misfires.
-The bad guy see's that the Taser is not working and rushes Jeremy.
-Jeremy ducks (Haymaker Punch Defense), achieves the rear clinch, executes a Rear Takedown into the modified mount and transitions into full mount. Bad guy then reaches for his gun. Jeremy blocks the attempt, deflects his arm and locks up full Twisting Arm Control! The bad guy is exhausted and can't get out of the hold, but is still fighting and continues to try to reach for Jeremy's weapon. Our guy keeps TAC in and waits for backup to arrive....which takes a full 5 minutes! Help finally arrives and they are able to handcuff the assailant and take him to jail. Turns out he has served many years of prison time and has a wrap sheet 20 pages long!

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