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Gracie Combatives Street Test

January 14, 2010

Although we strongly discourage our
students from fighting in the streets, we acknowledge that sometimes
physical altercations are unavoidable. This letter was submitted by a
47-year old Gracie Combatives student pertaining to an incident that
took place over the holiday break.

"Hey Guys,

I honestly don't know how you feel
about your students getting into fights, but I was in one two nights
ago in a local bar, so I thought I would write to you to say THANK YOU
for all that the Gracie Academy has taught me.

The bottom line was that after
several attempts to avoid the situation, I found myself in the street
against a larger and much younger opponent (24 or 25 years old). I am
very happy to say that everything I did was completely instinctive. He
rushed me with an aggressive barrage of punches and I naturally
established the clinch. I lost my balance, so I quickly pulled guard
and immediately tied him up in Stage 1 of the Punch Block Series. After
only about 45 seconds of trying to punch my face, he exhausted all his
energy. Just as I began setting up the forced variation of the Kimura,
the fight was broken up, which was probably best for everyone.

It is not a very dramatic story, but
as I walked away I realized how calm I was, and how effective I had
been. I felt like I was in complete control the whole time, and there
is no doubt in my mind how the fight would have ended if others hadn't
stepped in.

My boss and the girls we were with
were impressed and said I looked like Spiderman when I took him down
and wrapped him up. In fact, I think they were more jazzed up and full
of adrenaline afterwards than I was, which was kind of strange, but to
me it just felt like another night in Reflex Development Class at the

Thanks again for all that you, your brothers and the other instructors have taught me!