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Rener Gracie Interview (Part 2)


JonS, 3/10/2011

Rener, excellent video. I was teaching police recruits various guard passes when I pulled something. Thinking I was better after a month I got back in the gym to train and bent over to pick up my belt and collapsed. Could not walk for 2 days was on my back for 2 weeks. Pinched a nerve and pulled every muscle in my lower back. Was out of work. Cannot aford therapy so I have tried your exercises, awesome stuff, thanks.

tbow66, 3/8/2011

great break down BJ Penn fight. how do feel about his techiques coming gracie backround.

Elias Arabo, 3/4/2011

Great information. This is an area of the body we must focus on. ( Core ) Thank you GRACIE FAMILY.


Awesome video! Perfect after a week of unlimited classes! Great job guys and thanks for the info

Gary Berger, 3/3/2011

My back is currently injured and has been for several weeks. I am interested in knowing if there are any similar back specialists in the Baltimore Area. I also train brazilian jiu jitsu and also teach at my school Baltimore Martial Arts Academy.

Becker, 3/3/2011

Great post fight comments and tips, thank you guys.

Pedro, 2/23/2011

Con estas explicaciones todos entendemos mucho más,de lo que podemos ver en las peleas. Muchas gracias chicos!

Paul, 2/15/2011

Great interview Rener. Fight the Giant: True to style. Nice. Keep up the good work.

rocknrollan, 2/10/2011

powerfull and brilliant.. thanx guys

ricardo alvarez, 2/9/2011

i am your fan ! your father did an incredible job,congratulation to you both! your uncle

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