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Americana Counters


McCoy, 4/23/2010

"if Ryron were here right now he would say". (video edit) "just tap out". Lol that cracked me up.

Chris, 4/20/2010

@ bjj king: look up Roger Gracie.. BEAST @ Mike: Kosen Judo has similar techniques due to more emphasis on newaza than Kokodan Judo emphasizing throws. Great tips, I could have used those escapes from my first comp and only tapout there to an Americana. Thanks!

benny, 4/15/2010

thank you for this great lesson and all the others!!!

Mike, 4/6/2010

What is the difference between Kosen Judo and Gracie Jiu-jitsu? I see both use leverage and absolutely the same techniques.

bjj king, 3/25/2010

how come u guys dont have champs like cobrinha or braulio estima or any body famous fighting in tournaments and how come u dont compete in world jiu jitsu championships

Ken Scott, 3/17/2010

Awesome website and tutorials! Cousin Ken in WA

JonJ, 3/17/2010

nice. and happy bday

Tristan, 3/17/2010

Wow, so many finite details that Ill have to pay attention to and practice to come natural, thank you!

Leon, 3/16/2010

To reply to Brian, who asked about straightening your arm out, it could be a bad idea, because the opp. could pull off a straight arm lock, and make you tap anyway. The best defense/counter, is to not get caught at all, haha.

Liam Wandi, 3/16/2010

Happy birthday and thank you for the great clip

Abraham King, 3/15/2010

Nice move, keeping it real. one question, is the right leg in between thw two legs or is it on the outside. It seems as though it is a mount variation escape. Its like a gambit because you give the americana and then place one hand on hip, then push to the side to get in the better guard. the only thing i do not understatnd is where the leg is supposed to be when you push to the side. Anyhow thanks for the move, hope to see great videos like these again.

Wabujitsu Mike, 3/15/2010

Like the counter. Have used it. If they are really heavy, have reached free arm under their thigh to assist in the roll off.

Blowhard, 3/15/2010

While the technique is solid, he sure likes to hear himself talk! 10 minutes for a 30 second description.

Bryan, 3/15/2010

Great video, ur teaching style is awesome.

Iceman69, 3/14/2010

This family is the best, they not only teach the best martial art but they are also the nicest people you will ever meet or do business with. Much love and respect and honor!

Cody, 3/14/2010

to Bryan: yea, that would be bad because depending on the bad guys knowledge of bjj, he could apply a straight armlock


quite simply the best teachers u guys keep em coming gracie jris what they call me jk

Bryan, 3/14/2010

Those are really cool, but what about just straightening out your arm? Is that a bad idea?

Vivien, 3/13/2010

Great counters. Will definitely try them, plus the fake out to arm bar. My training partners have countered with a wrist lock to the pinning arm. What is the effectiveness/success rate of this type of counter (compared to the ones you showed) and do wrist locks fit into the Gracie curriculum?

Flash, 3/13/2010

Thats why they are the best ;)


Fantastic Instruction!

Ellie, 3/13/2010

Like always. nicely broken down. Thank you!

Ish, 3/12/2010


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