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Gracie Bullyproof: What Parents Are Saying

Feburary 27, 2010

of all AWESOME!!!!! As a parent unbelievable!!!!! As a Martial Arts
school owner even MORE Unbelievable. I particularly love the Rules of
Engagements on DVD 4 and would love to share those with my students! I
have one question: what things could I pass on to my students without
infringing on any of the Gracie Academy trademarks? Thank you for
changing the world for the better!


Thank you so much for the Bullyproof lessons! My girls have done a
little jiu-jitsu with me in the past, but keeping them interested was
tough. Now they have fallen in love with the Gracie Games and they
won't stop until I tap out!


Just got your Bullyproof series this afternoon and did Gracie Game 1
with my kids immediately. They loved it! FYI: I've been doing your Combatives
Series at home for a few months now they're the best training DVD's
I've seen! Great addition to my other martial arts
experience! Thank you!

wanted to tell you that my son is having a great time with the
Bullyproof program. He can't wait to earn his first stripe. I actually
have to tell him that we can't play so many Gracie Games, and that we
have to take it slowly. He said why, and I use Ryron and Rener as an
excuse, since they said that we must always end the lesson with the
child wanting more. :)


have just finished watching the Parent Preparation DVD and some of the
Gracie Games from the Gracie Bullyproof series. Awesome! Wow! Every
good parent should have a copy! I started Combatives two months ago now
my daughter Jaidyn age 4, will be learning with me. Priceless,
priceless, priceless! I'm a Gracie Garage Leader in northern Wyoming
and have recently met and trained with Chad Maulolo of REAL Techniques
Gracie Garage and his wonderful family in Billings, Montana. Without
the Gracie family Chad and I, nor our families would have ever became
friends. Thanks to the Gracies for the Garage program, the on-line
university, and now the Bullyproof program. The underground, or what
some would call a grass roots, take over of a region dominated by
Karate and Taekwondo is now under way. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu will soon be in
every small town across America. Thank you Gracie family!


ordered the Bullyproof program for my nephew and it just arrived.
AMAZING! Just the Parent Preparation Course alone is worth the cost of
the whole thing. The content is incredible and the presentation is
second to none!


The Bullyproof set is
awesome! While playing spider kid with my 3-1/2 year old son and my
1-1/2 year old son decides to jump on too. Next thing you know, we're
all rolling around on the floor laughing and having a good time. Who
knew "training" could be so much fun! Thanks for this incredible series
and such great teaching tips in the parent prep course. I think the
Bullyproof series is even helping my with my Combatives course.


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