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An Amazing Testimonial from an Amazing Father

November 21, 2010

Submitted on November 21, 2010:
"I just wanted to tell you about an experience I had with my 11 year old son while we were working the Bullyproof DVD's last night. We were on round two of Shark Bite. I was mounted on him and he had just wrapped my arm. I checked his wrap and pulled my arm out. therest in the comments. He corrected and we finished the move. We did it again right away and this time when I checked his wrap on my arm, I noticed it was much stronger. I looked down between us, toward his belly and noticed how he made his hold tighter. With his arm that wrapped my arm, he reached across and grabbed his own shirt locking the hold, so I couldn't pull my arm out! I thought this was very clever! It showed me how much he wants to get good at this stuff he's thinking!

I also want to tell you that me, my son and eight year old daughter attended a BJJ school near my home for about 7-8 months. I was disappointed to find the instructor had actually combined the kid's class with the adults. I have no idea how the kids were learning anything when I sometimes had trouble keeping up with the rapid-fire instruction given at adult level. Plus, when it came to sparring, my daughter would often end up getting hurt and cryingmostly because she wasn't learning anything. Truth-be-told, my daughter is a very girlie-girl who would rather be playing with dolls and singing Hannah Montana songs. Mean old Dad was making her go to BJJ. It became a "have to" more than a "want to" for hermake sense?

I decided to check out the Bullyproof course and I am so glad I did!! Both my kids LOVE it!!! My daughter will now remind me that it's a "Bullyproof night" as opposed to me saying, "Time to go to Jiu-Jitsu" and getting, "NOOOOOOO!!!!" in response. The laughter we share while we "play" on the mats is fabulous and the memories will last a lifetime.

Since then, I purchased the Combatives course. Unbelievable. The level of detail is outstanding. I was telling my wife about the detail and how it is SO much more than what I was getting in the school we went to. Plus there is an actual curriculum in place with a specific order of class rotation. Sometimes it seemed, when I went to class, the instructor decided five minutes before class started what we would work on that day. In seven months we never covered the same thing twice, that I can remember. Not once did we learn a punch block. I was hoping for a self-defense school and got sport BJJ instead just like as mentioned in the Combatives handbook. No disrespect to my former school the people there are super nice. It was just not the school I was looking for. My son started getting TONS of homework and that sort of sealed the deal with us having to quit. Now we do the Bullyproof program around his homework perfect!

My biggest problem now is lack of a training partner, but I'll figure that out in due time. One thing I do have is a CTC about an hour and fifteen minute drive away LaGrange Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with Chet Schemahorn. The distance makes it hard to attend regularly, but I may contact Mr. Schemahorn if I need help with the BBQD's.

Speaking of LaGrange GJJ, I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar there with your brother Ralek just a couple months ago. That seminar got me hooked. Seeing and learning from a member of the Gracie family was just a great experience. Ralek was awesome!!! GJJ is the real deal. I could go on and on Sometime in 2011, you should see my kids Bullyproof videos. Sometime in 2011, I will test for my blue belt. I hope I can attend another Gracie family seminar in the near future. Take care and have a great holiday.

-Michael Gard"