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24,000 Students Later, the Master Cycle is Finall

January 14, 2010

It took a little longer than anticipated,
but the first Chapter of the first Stripe Course of the Purple Belt
Track of the Master Cycle is now available for Gracie Garage Leaders
and will soon be available for the general Gracie University student
population. Just to make sure we are all on the same page, here is some
important information you should know.

The Objective: The Master Cycle is designed to take
you from blue to purple to brown, and then to black belt using the same
linear learning format that is used in the Gracie Combatives system.

The Breakdown: The Master Cycle is broken down into Three Belt Tracks
(Purple, Brown, Black), each track is broken down into Four Stripe Courses
(Stripe 1, Stripe 2, Stripe 3, Stripe 4), each course is broken down into
Seven Chapters (Mount, Side Mount, Guard, Half Guard, Back Mount, Leg Locks, Standing), each chapter is broken down into
6-12 Lessons, and each lesson is comprised of several Technical Slices, a
Rapid Mastery Drill, and a Focus Sparring
exercise designed to build reflexes. If this sounds confusing to you,
don't worry, it was planned this way precisely to reduce confusion
during the learning process. The bottom line is, if you liked the
Gracie Combatives organizational structure, you're going to love the
Master Cycle.

The First Chapter: The goal of the Blue Belt Stripe 1
course is to teach you the next layer of the most important street
applicable Gracie Jiu-Jitsu techniques, as well as the counters to the
original Gracie Combatives techniques. Although all seven chapters (56
lessons total) of the Stripe 1 Blue Belt Course have been captured,
only Chapter 1 (The Mount) is currently available online. Although we
strongly considered waiting until all seven chapters were fully edited
and ready for release before putting anything online, since this would
eliminate the possibility of wait time between chapters, we ultimately
realized that it would be better to release each chapter as soon as it
was ready so that all the Gracie University students who have completed
the Gracie Combatives course can continue training without delay. The
downside to this option, obviously, is that there may be some people
who complete Chapter 1 before Chapter 2 is available online, and
therefore, are required to wait for a month or two before moving on. We
concluded that this would be a better problem than to have everyone
waiting for an additional 4-6 months before anything is released. Our
only request is that if you are one of those people who finishes
Chapter 1 early, don't go to the forum and post a bunch of
questions/comments about how you need us to hurry with Chapter 2, it
won't help. In fact, it might even slow us down since it will cause us
to spend more time answering questions and less time prepping Chapter 2
for release. If you finish Chapter 1 early, go back and do all the
lessons again and again until you master them. In other words, rather
than rushing through the lessons and heading to the forums, focus on
becoming a black belt in Lessons 1-9.

The Belt Qualification Requirement: Originally we
thought it would be best to restrict access to the Master Cycle to
those who had completed the Gracie Combatives course and earned their
blue belts. This way, we would make sure than anyone who moves on to
the Master Cycle has, in fact, mastered the most important techniques
of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and is, therefore, street ready. And although we
still believe this would be the best plan, it isn't realistic. One
thing we've learned over the 10 months that Gracie University has been
in existence is that that there are many people going through the
curriculum, especially in third world countries, who do not have the
resources to test for promotion via the Video Evaluation Process, and
if we were to make the test a mandatory requirement for advancement
through the various segments of the curriculum, many dedicated students
would never have the chance to learn beyond the Gracie Combatives
course even after mastering the 36 techniques. So, after much
consideration, we've decided to allow all students to access the Master
Cycle regardless of their rank and to leave it up to each individual
student to decide whether or not he/she wants to have their skills
verified by the Gracie Academy and test for official belt promotions
via the Video Evaluation Process.

Early Access: Since this is the first time the Master
Cycle has ever been exported beyond the walls of the Gracie Academy and
its Certified Training Centers, we are very concerned with making sure
it is done in a way that not only preserves the integrity of the art
but makes the information most useful to the greatest number of people.
In order to ensure the most successful launch we have decided to give
Chapter 1 access exclusively to the Gracie Garage Leaders. Once the
Garage Leaders have given us their feedback regarding the format and
functionality of the lessons, we will use their input to prep the
Chapter for release to the general public. If you are passionate about
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and are interested in getting early access to the
Master Cycle, you are encouraged to apply for Gracie Garage status.
It's free, and there are no skill requirements necessary. For more

click here

The Official Release Date: The official release date
for the general public has not yet been determined and is largely
dependent on the specific feedback we get from the Gracie Garage
Leaders. Once we have an official release date, we'll announce it.
Until then, understand that we are doing everything we can to make
things happen as efficiently as possible, and please refrain from
flooding the Gracie University forum with questions on this subject.

To view the list of Chapter 1 lessons, or to purchase the chapter (Garage Leaders only),

click here

Gracie Garage Leaders once you've had a chance to review the Chapter 1 lessons, please send your thoughts to