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Gracie Banana Ice Cream


my friend, 190 days ago

ho! my friend !!too much waste water during explain how to wash.....think about mother earth and his blood!!!peace


Basically if you want to have a banana ice cream make sure buy that blender. That video was more about the blender than the ice cream. Commercializing at its best

investigator, 2/22/2014

I cant see the video,its very interesant about me.

Alexandre, 5/28/2012

Desligue a torneira enquanto estiver montando o aparelho... a natureza agradece.

wellington, 5/21/2012

gostaria de meinformar mais

Leland, 1/2/2011

i really wish i could afford a champion. you guys should consider offering a payment plan...


can u do that with like watermelon or any other fruit???

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