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Triangle Choke from the Mount


Mike, 12/23/2010

I think direct requires more speed and athleticism. I would imagine Helio stopping in Chicago more often than direct. Even Rener can be seen stopping in Chicago on a bigger/stronger opponent (see Rener vs 21 Pt 1 @ 3:40). Chicago seems less risky. Either way , thanks for the techniques, along with a good laugh.

Ben Forsyth IRE, 11/23/2010

Waste no gas and choke his ass...both are really good, funny video too

Jon Cobb, 11/5/2010

The direct flight is easier for people that are taller, less flexible, balanced or slower. The real question is what is your opponent giving you?

Angelo, 10/29/2010

A teacher of mine once said... that through a difference of opinion, discussion is born and with that an opportunity to learn.


I like both moves ha lol im going to try it in training thanks

DG, 10/15/2010

Vid was great. As a novice I find myself not knowing what to do next. Previous athletic experiences enable me to attain advantageous positions such as mount. Now I have a way to finish:)

Dwayne, 10/14/2010

You guys are great but when you are arguing with each other it takes away from what your teaching.

BLAKE, 10/14/2010


Tracy, 10/12/2010

Chicago... all the way. This way you can enjoy all the beautiful scenery. Direct flight you might possibly miss out on a good bite of food the sweet sound of the snoar your opponent will be singing to you. :)

bill stinchcomb, 10/12/2010

Brothers butting heads! Keeping it real! Funny!

David, 10/11/2010

Chicago baby! direct flight you risk losing the triangle and the position, but if you go to chicago first you still have a shot at finishing the triangle from guard if they bump you over

st. augustus, 10/10/2010

differences in opinion, experience accounts for alot. i do think this argument holds true to mma evolution. so, mime is "a direct approach is simple and effective, a good insurance plan is key in almost anything. but, you cannot execute plan B if it has already been used before plan A. both are useful, depending on the situation." great video!

Intel dude, 10/10/2010

direct flight! less movement, less energy!

JohnFarkas, 10/10/2010

Direct flight seems to be left arm behind the head and right arm across the throat and bam out in no time.

The shark den, 10/10/2010

They both work we all know 6 bullets are better then 5. So these blackbelts are both correct but then then again maybe not. Direct is good.

Ric Torres, 10/9/2010

I will definitely try both. Also, experience tells me that both have their values. As a smaller guy, I prefer control over opportunity. At first, I thought the brotherly scuffle was not professional. But, I appreciate you sharing. It is true to the evolution of the art!

mike v, 10/9/2010

I have tried both variations and I gotta say Reners is a lot more natural and efficient its all around smoother where as with Ryrons it is so easy to lose balance and give the position away.

tony, 10/9/2010

direct flight

Gracie JJ Rules, 10/9/2010

You guys are absolutley hilarious!!! Wish I lived in Torrence and could be a part of your class personally!! Great Energy with just a dash of entertainment!!! What else could one ask for!!

Bruno, 10/9/2010

hey guys, this was an awesome clip! you guys should debate each other more often. very insightful and eye-opening when you guys debate variations...

Matthew, 10/9/2010

There are always variations in nature. Ju Jitsu is no exception. I will try both.

keith, 10/9/2010

Awesome! Fantastic insight. Just curious, what does Rickson say about the variations?

seelan, 10/9/2010

fantastic coaching enjoy the fact that the two instructors look at different aspects relating to the technique but most importantly it just looks like they are just having fun

Jay, 10/9/2010

DIRECT FLIGHT OR PINNING THE BICEP I BELIEVE BOTH ARE VERY GOOD AND HAVE THEIR PLACE DEPENDING ON YOUR OWN FLEXIBILITY AND THE OPPONENTS REACTION TIME. What I like to do is lock it in from mount. I am not expecting to choke him from mount. I let him fight it and waist energy trying to roll me over. The triangle is still locked in even though he rolls me over. He thinks he is in the clear and a little less strong from using that strength and BOOM surprise him with a choke from the bottom. Anybody else do that?

Rob, 10/8/2010

I just watched you video concerning triangle from top mount.. I personally feel that both variations will work because the situation you are in will most surely dictate which variation you could use.. Funny, I have never seen you guys disagree on something but that was a great video.. Keep it real..

John, 10/8/2010

Awesome as always. Thanks for providing great tips for a super submission.

Mark, 10/8/2010

The synergy of having you both instruct is so much greater than from one viewpoint alone. The contrasts aide in the learning. Your discipline is so beneficial to us/

jim, 10/8/2010

I like the bicep move; seems more fun and intimidating.


These guys are funny!

TroyL, 10/8/2010

Hi They are both awesome. But If I know that I can hit it. sure go straight through. but if I know that my opponent can defend then I would pin the bicep

Judokaesk, 10/8/2010

Besides the great technical explanations of Sankaku-Jime variants ... the fun dialog between the brothers sure beat previous more dry episodes. It kinda reminds of those to talk-show guys from Boston that talked about car mechanics. It was fun to watch.

Malcolm, 10/8/2010

This video was Good. I did it on my brother. Then he did it on me. Tomorrow we are gonna make a Renergy sandwich for lunch.

Mike A, 10/8/2010

The way you both show a different way to get to the destination is fantastic. Many of us as you mention are of different builds and ability and to have a technique demonstrated clearly by 2 people, I find, helps me understand the technique and how to make it work for my given skill set and physical abilities. It also helps me better analyze other techniques. As the saying goes "more than one way to skin a cat". Cheers guys really appreciate it.

hawaiianorich, 10/8/2010

your presentations (including bully proof) make me wish i was living back in socal, again. bring your academy to hawaii, please.

JH, 10/7/2010

It is safe to say that both variations are solid, depending on the situation and/or opponent. The more options the better. The level of detail in your breakdowns is surpassed on ly by your passion for the art. Thank you!

MIKE, 10/7/2010

Haha.. you guys are hilarious, love watching you two play with each other.

Sidartha, 10/7/2010

I prefer the Rener Technique for the street, and the Riron Thecnique for the sport, both thechniques are exellent, and two works fine,thanks for share,greetings from México.

dhfury, 10/7/2010

Love the video, so much passion for GJJ. I love Gracie JJ, I will try both ways, I have a feeling my older body will like the control of a layover before i get to my destination. I desire to one day fly non-stop in first class!Keeping it real in Texas. Gracie University is awesome, Thank you both so much.

Skye, 10/7/2010

This is why I train Gracie Jiu Jitsu - another superb video Ryron & Rener. Thank you guys for offering up these pearls of Jiu Jitsu wisdom for us! Sometimes I fly direct, and other times I have to connect! :)

Batman2944, 10/7/2010

That was hilarious!! I like them both! The debate was enjoyable. Good stuff....

Kristjan, 10/7/2010

I taking the direct flight for bigger guys is better, whereas stopping at chicago is more efficient for weaker opponents. Its a shorter way to fix the wrist to the chest than to push it to the floor - ergo less energy spent.

David, 10/7/2010

Stop at Chicago works very well for me ...

GRAPPLINGdownunder, 10/7/2010

Which is best? Thats like asking not how long is a piece of string but which plant in the field was the string made from? There both awesome variations, does it really matter. They both are efficient, effective, and natural body movements. Direct is great, but why rush? Why not stop to checkout the sights? Im finding both work great but are dependant on my opponent and what opportunities he presents. Your unbelievably detailed breakdown makes it possible for both to work when implemented correctly and Ill pack both in my game bag. Thank you so much for the gift of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.


I like that you guys included both techniques, showing the weaknesses of both. I would stop at Chicago. I think that I would have more leverage against a larger opponent with their arm pinned against the mat. If my opponent used his arm to avoid the triangle (shown as a disadvantage to the direct flight) I could lose mount, which could be tragic.

Steve Rich, 10/6/2010

I enjoyed the debate. Both techniques looked awesome - I will try them both tomorrow. Thanks as always for good info.

Mike, 10/6/2010

I love it. You guys do "keep it real." Like your variations in the lesson slices, each technique will have its place. Trap and roll will work on the unskilled or less skilled opponent, but later you learn to use the elbow escape for the bigger or more skilled. This was a fun clip.

Bobby G, 10/6/2010

I am going to try both out at my CTC in Jacksonville FL, and will let you know my preference. The awesome thing this is either way I get to do Jiu-Jitsu! Thanks and nice vid.

Wayno, 10/6/2010

Like many tools in an arsenal, each has their place. One would be better under one set of circumstances, the other under another. Good vid!

Chet Quint, 10/6/2010

Hahahaha! Very nice. I like both approaches but I agree with Ryron that pinning the arm first is safer. Cheers, from Gracie Jiu-Jitsu China!

Mike Kea, 10/6/2010

I love this video with you guys going back and forth at each other showing the different perspectives on this move. Good stuff.

Lisa, 10/6/2010

If my two oldest sons did this demo and got into the competing technique debate they would finish eachother on camera. You two are just awesome. You should put this to a vote.

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