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MTV Airs Docu-Series On High School Bullying

July 23, 2010

USA Today did a story this week on the new 12-part MTV Docu-series, If You Really Knew Me, that tackles the topic of teen bullying and cyberbullying. In the series, MTV teamed up with Challenge Day, an anti-bullying program for high school students, to engage and encourage 100 teens at Freedom High School in Oakely, Calif. to break barriers among cliques and help reduce bullying behavior.

We here at Gracie Academy give kudos to Challenge Day for their mission to stop bullying and are grateful that media outlets such as USA Today and MTV are bringing the bullying epidemic into the public eye, creating awareness and showing ways to put an end to it.

With an estimated 160,000 children missing school due to fear or intimidation of bullies, we too are on a mission to Bullyproof the world and stop bullying before it reaches the high school level. The Gracie BULLYPROOF program was created to give moms and dads the tools to protect their children against bullies, all while strengthening their relationship with their children. And, the best part is that the program is designed to be fun and playful, and you can do it right in your own home.

The Gracie family has already 'bullyproofed' over 10,000 children at its 40+ self-defense schools worldwide, but that's only a drop in the bucket. Now that any parent can learn Gracie's proven system and use it to empower their child from home, Gracie BULLYPROOF can help millions of children and finally put an end to this global epidemic.

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