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Gracie BullyProof Finds Success at Va. High School

June 29, 2010

Mr. Kelly Wilmore, principal of Highland High School in Monterey, Va., recently submitted a personal letter to Rener Gracie explaining the success Wilmore has achieved by implementing the Gracie Bullyproof program at his school. We here at Gracie Academy wanted to share his testimonial with you as well.

Dear Mr. Gracie:

I am writing to you about our use of Jiu-Jitsu here in our public school and how we have implemented several phases of the Gracie Bullyproof program in grades 5-12. In November of this past school year, we started a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club here in Highland County Public Schools for grades 5-12. We are a small, rural Appalachian school in North Western Virginia with a school population of slightly over three hundred. This past year, nearly 50 students participated in our BJJ club. Our younger students have been taught proper jiu-jitsu/grappling fundamentals from the BullyProof DVD's. I have also personally (as the club sponsor) witnessed exactly what the Gracie brothers said would happen with this program. Students have become more confident in themselves, and students with high aggression have become much less aggressive as a result of practicing this wonderful martial art. I also would like to stress how important it is for young children, especially girls, to understand the fundaments of self-defense, and how it may save their life someday.

Students who are caught bullying are required to enter the club for a mandated period of time as part of their punishment. I can comment that several students who were bullied at younger ages have not been bothered since joining the program. Our school division is also looking into adding an element of jiu-jitsu to our physical education curriculum as well. Jiu-Jitsu or submission/grappling is an extremely safe exercise, which has many key components that reinforce protection of each child participating in this activity. If you have any questions about our program here at Highland please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have if you are looking into adding this activity to your school.

Take care and best wishes;


Mr. Kelly Wilmore

Principal/ Highland 6-12 School

Monterey, Virginia

Highland High School "A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence"