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10 Questions with Rener Gracie

Feburary 7, 2011

Rener was recently interviewed by Michael Joyce from He was asked 10 questions and the conversation was recorded and is now available on YouTube. The questions are listed below, along with the link to the video.

1) What is it like to be a part of a Martial Art Dynasty?
2) What's your thought on online training (GJJ training in particular)?
3) What is the likelihood of GJJ being successful under the pressure of a sexual assault?
4) How do you deal with negativity in the BJJ community?
5) What do you think of MMA?
6) How long does one have to train in GJJ in order to be successful in a real fight?
7) Do you think everyone should learn martial arts/GJJ regardless of their character?
8) Are there spiritual teachings within the GJJ curriculum?
9) How do you think Kazushi Sakuraba was so successful in defeating the Gracies?
10) What does Rener like to do in his spare time?
BONUS: Who would Rener like to "have a go at" if he could choose anyone living, dead or fantasy?

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