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Gracie Bullyproof Program

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From Autistic to Bullyproof


Kim, 7/1/2010

Thank you posting this special testimonial. I watched it and write this in tears because I am so encouraged. I also have a son just like Seth and have been apprehensive with starting him in jiu jitsu lessons. My husband is a big fan of the Gracie family and knows how your method of self-defense will greatly benefit and protect our children. I am so thankful that you have made these lessons for both the children and parents. What I see in Seth, I visualize for my son. Thank you Gracie family!

Thomas Jackson, 5/2/2010

WOW!!I"am amazed at what this little boy has accomplished.Thanks to great dad who loved his son enough to give him something that no amount of money could buy.CONFIDENCE thru the Gracie Bullyproof program.May God Bless the entire Gracie family!!

Hamza, 4/26/2010

Autism is a man made disease therefore it can be cured. 1 of the main courses is nutrients leaking through the gut and traveling to the brain making them spaced out etc. My daughter has autism and so does my friends 2 kids he try-ed everything to cure them and came across the body ecology diet his kids are almost cured praise be to god. I now have my daughter on it and god willing she will be cured also. and for you parents out there that dont no the website is and to finish iv been rolling round with kids from day 1 with gracie jj i love the art.

Drew, 4/26/2010

I have a diagnosed highly functioning 3 1/2 almost 4 year son that I will be getting this program and working with him on it. Thank you to Mike Fiore and to his family for sharing their story of what the phenom Gracie family has done for them. GOD BLESS you both and Seth too. I am 2nd degree shorin ru karate black belt and working on my blue belt in the Gracie Combative and Rickson Gracie systems (via Rodrigo Vaghi)and I really believe this will better connect my son and I as he improves and matures in life.

Jim Olsen, 4/25/2010

I am soooo happy for you and your son! What a miracle! Thank you for sharing this inspirational story. We can all learn to change lives by sharing the love of GJJ and keeping it real! I wish my father had taught me GJJ!

alex lamers, 4/25/2010

stories like this which makes me think about honor and certain things i missed in life growing up. If I can find the word to comment this would be hard... keep up the work dont change anything.


i am a teacher in a public school system. i work with students with learning disabilities and autism. i see the issues with bullying on a daily basis with these kids. It is wonderful to see such a great success story!!!!!!!!! i will pass this on to the parents of my students.

rudy, 4/25/2010

Awesome story. great job. god has bless you. keep up the good work.

Olli, 4/24/2010

Seth, keep on walking the way... Mike you are a great father! All the best from Germany...

Papo, 4/24/2010

Simply awesome God Bless

John, 4/24/2010

This is a really great story, thanks for sharing!


wow! - very inspirational story - I wish you all the best Seth.

Kim, 4/24/2010


Mike, 4/24/2010

I sit at my laptop when I saw the video. I was deeply moved and had to cry. I wish Seth and his family all the best. God bless you. Many greetings from Germany.

Mick, 4/23/2010


Arthur, 4/23/2010

Pretty powerful stuff...

Beau, 4/23/2010

Great video! Just goes to show that Gracie jiu-jitsu is POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE in MANY MANY aspects of life!! Thank you Gracie family for this incredible art!!

Darren Olson, 4/23/2010

All the power to you, Seth! Very proud of you. I know your story will inspire a whole lot of people.

marcus stein, 4/23/2010

Awesome video! Thank you Gracie Family.

Dave Nick, 4/23/2010

My brothers and I are working toward our blue belt and our kids want to connect with us and "play" our rolling game. Great video and happy days to Seth his mom and his daddy who love him so very much! peace

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